Nintendo Switch Emulator: Ryujinx The Dragon

Nintendo Switch Emulator: Ryujinx The Dragon

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Wow…Another Nintendo Switch Emulator! Really?

Looks that way.

Following my previous post on another Switch emulator called YUZU , the last thing I think the scene expected was another emulator in the works that is brave enough to take on such a project.

YUZU emulator


I had heard about this back in January but decided to wait to report on anything in case it was just a rumour that fizzled out. (oh and I had a baby!)

But this is definitely legit so I wanted to take a full look at it with you guys.

What is Ryujinx?


Pronouced REE-YOU-JI-NX, this is a Nintendo Switch Emulator which is a piece of software that will let you play Nintendo Switch games on your PC.

Well…it will at some point.

Yeah, I should let you know now that at the time of this post (March 2018) the emulator is still in developement and currently will not play any commercial Switch games.

But this feature is top of their priority list.

There are reports of Puyo Puyo Tetris and Arms booting but not playable however this is not 100% confirmed.

Ryujinx is named after a mythical sea dragon and is the brain child of a programmer who goes by the alias gdkchan.


Our buddy gdkchan and his friends over at the forum came together, started a GitHub (collaboration project tool for programmers) and have been making decent progress ever since.

They post updates to the forum, GitHub and their discord server often so be sure to check it out if you wish to follow their journey.

Also, due to the project being on GitHub it can be accessed by any programmer or developer.

Maybe if you have mad skills programming in C# and want to help with Ryujinx, the team are open to contributions.

So How do I use it?

Since being at such an early stage Ryujinx won’t be as straight forward to setup as other emulators.

It doesn’t really have a solid user interface yet and getting things to run can require leg work.

In my opinion it is probably better to wait for the application to have matured a bit and for confirmation of working commercial games.

But if you try to use it their website provides three methods to obtain the software.


You can download an already assembled version from the team or try to put it together yourself through Net Core and Visual Studio.

Once you have the files you can simple drag a game over to the .exe file and it will try to run.

You can then set your controls through a basic user interface similar to MSDOS which I think is for keyboard only, no gamepads yet.

I believe the emulator is capable of running 2D RetroArch games right now but anything 3D probably won’t work due to being much more complex.

currently the emulator is mainly a Windows application but there is support for Linux and macOS however you’ll really need to know your shit to get it working for them.

A great youtuber SimplyAustin goes into more detail about how he got Sonic The Hedgehog 3 to work on Ryujinx in this video below:


I personally welcome Ryujinx.

I think having a second Nintendo Switch Emulator so early on is also heathy competition for the creators at YUZU.

They could push eachother to make their software better.

I don’t remember other consoles getting this kind of love, for example the orginal XBOX came out in 2002 and doesn’t really have a solid emulator.

This shows the impact of the Nintendo Switch.

I can’t wait to see what becomes of both of these emulators in the future when they are both fully functional.

I understand that the Nintendo Switch is a very young console so being able to play games from it on a PC for free has a high potential to be abused which I do not condone FYI.

But I do feel that 30 years from now when the Switch is considered a retro console that is no longer on store shelves and hard to find in the wild then software preservation like this will become really important.

And thats it! – my goal of this post was to simply let you guys know Ryujinx was a thing and what I think about it.

Please share this with anyone you think would be interested, don’t forget to sub to our newsletter and if you have time let me know what you think about Ryujinx.

thanks for reading!

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