Pokémon Games For Android

Pokémon Games For Android

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Disclaimer: This website does not share any direct downloads to game ROMS or emulator software. We only aim to educate others about the software through our knowledge, research and experience.

Do you ever wish you could play more than just Pokémon Go on your android phone or tablet?

I’ll let you in on a little secret about me, I’ve never played Pokémon Go but I do love Pokémon games.

Let me explain.

Yeah…well when it came out I started doing research on it because I don’t like to jump on band wagons. When I learned that it wasn’t a tradition Pokémon game with gym leaders, an elite four or legendary monsters I skipped it but I thought the concept was great.

It had me thinking though because I liked the idea of being able to play Pokémon games on my phone or tablet.

So, I looked into it and thought I’d share that with you guys in case some of you would like to do the same.

Please note I won’t be able to provide direct download links to Pokémon game ROMS or Emulator software.

How do you do it?:

You’ll need an emulator and it will depend on what generation of Pokémon games you are interested in.

You have to remember that the franchise began in 1996 and the games now span across a bunch of different handheld consoles and systems.

I personally really dig the DS era because of the amount of remakes Nintendo did such as enhancing classics like Fire Red, Heart Gold or the cool new ones like Platinum.

In my case I have some of these games but my DS isn’t working so I decided to use my Android tablet as an alternative.

Playing on a tablet in landscape mode works great for DS games due to its larger screen. You will have the game on the left and the other content on the right (you can switch this around). Also, the touch screen function that the DS uses will still work, so you really get a great handheld DS experience with all the trimmings.

Drastic Emulator

Pokemon Black version


Here are some other emulators that are available in the Google App Store:

  • My OldBoy! – Gameboy and Gameboy Colour Emulator
  • VisualBoy Advanced – Gameboy advanced Emulator
  • DraStic DS Emulator – Gameboy DS Emulator

So, once you have the emulator you want simply obtain the game ROM and use the Emulator to find the file on your phone or tablet to launch it.

Now you can enjoy your favourite Pokémon game from your favourite generation.

Why would you do it?:


  • Save State! This lets you save the game at any place anytime for example before catching a Pokémon. So, if the Pokéball fails you can reload the game at that exact moment and maybe try a stronger ball or deal more damage or pull off a status effect. You can also save in-game too and play it the normal way.
  • You can play the game in daytime mode while playing it at night or vice versa from load state. I don’t get a lot of time to play Pokémon so it’s nice to not get stuck with night only Pokémon because I was busy during the day.
  • As its your phone or tablet you can just jump over to different apps. This is handy if you want to Google a gym leader or a game guide when your stuck. This beats putting the game down and getting your phone out in my opinion.
  • The emulator lets you customize button layouts, colours, themes and even key press vibrations which you can’t do on a Gameboy.

Pokemon Game


  • You can’t play others online or friends close by through Nintendo Wi-Fi Battles.
  • You can’t trade Pokémon with friends so completing the Pokédex is impossible.
  • As you can’t trade Pokémon you can’t get the Pokémon that are only available in the other version of the game like the Black and White version for example.

Pokemon DS Game

I am willing to work with these and still manage enjoy the games.

The way I see it is I’ve never completed a Pokédex in my life and don’t really want to get beaten online by some little kid with an overpowered Pikachu.


Using android emulators for Nintendo DS games isn’t perfect.

Games that require fast reaction time such as Super Mario 64 DS, Zelda or Mario Kart can be a pain in the butt using a touch screen controller whilst playing on the go.

But this is why Pokémon games work so well.

You never really have to pull off any crazy skills on the controller because of the pace and type of game. This means anyone should be able to play the game or any turn based RPG without issues.

So, if you are someone who has sold your DS and never got around to picking up another one but you have all these Pokémon games still sitting on the shelf. Well now you have an alternative way to play your games.

I will say despite this site being able emulators, I still believe in supporting the creators so I would only recommend emulating the games you already have.

That about wraps it up for what I wanted to say about playing Pokémon DS games on android emulators. Let me know if you’ve ever tried playing these games this way in the comments and share this with any friend who owns a broken DS… they should thank you.

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