Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs: Are You Comfortable?

Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs: Are You Comfortable?

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No really are you comfortable when you’re playing your favourite games?

A lot of us will grab the latest gaming headphones, an awesome HD Computer Screen, a new controller and even a mouse mat but will sit in the same piece of crap chair.

I personally am guilty of this and currently have a busted computer chair missing one of it’s chair arms…

So I will be finally getting around to doing something about this but I thought why not share that on the blog and shop around with you guys.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find what you are looking for along with me and if you do it will help support the site.

What I’m looking for:

  • I don’t want to spend over £300 and I won’t trust anything under £100
  • Must have a decent delivery time
  • It must have mostly positive reviews
  • Lastly I want something with that race driver seat look

Chair 1) Large Bean Bag Gamer £32

Large Bean Bag Gaming Chair

Firstly I know this is a bean bag not a chair.

It also looks kind of small and probably wouldn’t be a comfortable fit for me.

But maybe some of you like me have kids who are into gaming. So I thought I’d start the list with something a little different that caught my eye and I would still consider buying even if it’s not for me.

Anyway, onto the chair.

This thing looks very comfortable I must say and it has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon as one of its better sellers.

It’s stated to be an adult sized bean bag, made of 100% water resistant polyester, and has a strong upper body support.

It comes in a range of different colours which could be good if you have a certain game room colour scheme.

It also markets itself as an outdoor chair, so if you are an outdoor gamer you could still take it with you as it should handle the weather.

Overall this is a cool little chair and something I could see myself picking up for my kids.

Chair 2) BraZen Shadow PC Gaming Chair – Black/White £89.95

BraZen Gaming CHair

BraZen rings a bell in terms of gaming chair brands. I’ve seen them on YouTube in various gaming tournament videos.

This particular one caught my eye because it has the race car seat look I am looking for and I particularly like the big rounded chair arms.

It also swivels a full 360 degrees, has a seat height adjust and padding all over.

This fits my buget nicely and is also a top seller on Amazon. It doesn’t appear to have many reviews but everything I have read is highly positive.

Overall I like this chair and trust the BraZen brand hopefully you dig it too, this is definitely a seat I’d consider.

Chair 3) X-Dream Rocker Ultra 4.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair £249.99

X Dream Gaming Chair

The X-Dream is definitely one of the higher end gaming chairs on my list.

I really liked the design of this chair especially the stitching pattern and the curved shape at the back.

However the real awesome feature is the built in bluetooth speakers. The chair will connect to the console and play the sound from your game.

Not only that… it rumbles! so if you are playing a racing game or a first person shooter you will literally feel the sound.

Now that is a hell of a way to enhance your gaming experience.

Again this is a high seller on amazon but did not have many reviews, yet the ones it did have are all positive.

Definitely one to consider but maybe a little on the expensive side for me, maybe its perfect for you?

Chair 4) SPEEDLINK Regger Gaming Chair, Black/Red £199.99

Speedlink was another brand I’ve seen mentioned on other blogs and tech channels.

The first thought that comes to mind for me when looking at this chair is comfort. I love the attached lower back and head cushions which is perfect for anyone who suffers from back problems.

This baby swivels 360 degrees, has height-adjust and a backrest tilt adjust so you can find your perfect combination.

This also shows as a best seller on Amazon with a tonne of positive reviews.

It doesn’t have the bluetooth speaker functionality which would have been nice but I think this chair more than makes up for it with sheer comfort.

It fits my budget nicely and I’ve seen it available on other websites but for much more money. I’m most likely going to get this chair, what about you?

Chair 5) Noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair £309.99

noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair - Black with Vegan Friendly PU Leather, 2 Year Warranty, Up to 180KG Users, Perfect for an Executive Office Chair, Racing Seat Design

The name itself got my attention.

This chair has a very high-quality elite type look which I really like. It markets itself as having vegan friendly PU leather. This doesn’t mean much to me but may be perfect for any vegan’s or anyone who is against traditional leather.

This sexy beast is designed in Germany, can recline to 135 degrees, has adjustable arm rests, will rotate 360 degrees, has adjustable height and comes with two pillows.

This awesome chair is unsurprisingly a good seller on Amazon with many positive reviews.

This doesn’t really fit my budget and even though I respect the high build quality I would still like to have built-in speakers for this sort of money but it does come with warranty.


That concludes my list, I hope I’ve helped you guys with making a buying decision on gaming chairs.

If I had to pick, for my situation and budget it would have to be the SPEEDLINK Regger.

So did you like anything you saw in the list and if you pick it up or already own one of these chairs, why not share your experience in the comments below? and be sure to subscribe to the email list to get more of the Lowdown.

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