Android Virtual Machine: Imagine Your Best Smartphone Game On The Big Screen

Android Virtual Machine: Imagine Your Best Smartphone Game On The Big Screen

Disclaimer: This website does not share any direct downloads to game ROMS or emulator software. We only aim to educate others about the software through our knowledge, research and experience.

I remember watching the gadget show on channel 5 (a show on British TV) around 10 years ago now and they were talking about mobile phones.

They began talking about the T-mobile G1 with Android OS (operating system) and this was the first Android phone I had ever seen.

T-Mobile G1 Android Phone

Let me tell you… as soon as I saw this thing I wanted it bad, it was way ahead of all mobile phones of its time (as far as I was concerned) with its sleek looks and powerful tech, I even own one now if I could find it.

Since then android phones pretty much rule the world now next to iPhones of course. Nowadays there is a wide range of mobile phones, tablets, TV boxes and now you can emulate the OS on your computer or laptop.

So in this post, I’m going to take a look at the software that lets you do just that which is called BlueStacks.

What is BlueStacks?

If you take a look around Google it won’t take you long to find the BlueStacks Website (and hopefully this blog post).

After only starting in 2011 it has become a full blown corporation with 130 million users worldwide and tonnes of support which is a whole new level to the usual hand full of developers working on the software like most emulators.

The software can be installed on windows, mac and Linux OS. It creates an android virtual machine within your computer so that you can use Android apps enabling you to play games, stream movies, and pretty much everything else you can do on an Android phone.

Why would people do this?

Well maybe they only have Apple products and want to test drive Android to see what they are missing or they already have an Android phone/tablet but would rather play their favourite Android games on their large 25inch computer screen like their tagline says “BlueStacks Play Bigger”

So how do I use it?

BlueStacks is very straight forward to setup and the developers have really done an incredible job here. You pretty much download, install and just fill in your Android account details as the app does all the technical stuff in the background that you would otherwise have to fiddle with in other methods, for example, running Android in VirtualBox.

I found a Youtube video from CooLoserTech that pretty much explains really well how to get it working and an example of games running on it which did not take this guy very long at all.

So as you can see, BlueStacks is very accessible so it’s no surprise that 130million people are transforming their machines with Android OS.

For those of you asking what kind of machine can handle this, BlueStacks have outlined machine specs. Take a look…

BlueStacks system requirements (PC Only):

The team has split this up into two sections for us:

Minimum system requirements:

  • WinXP SP3 (32bit only) / Win Vist SP2 / Win8 / Win10
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 4GB of Disk Space
  • Direct X installed
  • Broadband connection
  • Run as Administrator

Recommended system configuration:

  • Win 7 / Win10
  • Intel Core i5-680 Processor
  • Virutalization enabled in Bios
  • Intel HD Graphics card
  • 6GB of RAM
  • 40 GB Disk Space
  • All Drivers Up to date
  • Broadband connection

These are pretty reasonable requirements, as you can see and they even got it working on Windows XP which most mobile phones now far surpass.

The recommended requirements should be quite standard for most computers nowadays. Be sure to check in the hardware category from time to time as I will recommend reasonably priced computers that run this and other emulators.

Game Experiences:

I used BlueStacks myself a few years ago and hadn’t followed it for some time. Back then it was just a small time app that not many people knew about but it did a nice job at letting you turn your laptop into a massive Android machine without having to wipe it or hack the system.

Seeing it grow so much in such a short time has me excited to get back in and really see what it has to offer especially with apps that enable you to watch movies or TV shows. I was able to play games like Asphalt 8, Implosion, and Dead Trigger as just my phone only laid back with my PC controller running on my laptop which is really amazing.

There was a little bit of lag at times but this was only with online play and probably down to my internet connection but other than that I couldn’t really fault it.
Any problems people do have are usually found in their knowledge base online which again has tonnes of information and is always kept up to date, they also have further support if you opt into the $2 BlueStack subscription.


In all, I would say BlueStacks is a great bit of software that really makes running an Android Virtual Machine environment possible and easy enough for anyone to do it.

It shows what levels emulators can get to with full support from the original creators. I could only imagine if Sega or Nintendo gave full permission to their console emulator creators.

I would say that this is really for those of you who would love to see their favourite phone or tablet games on the big screen to mimic a more console like experience but it’s really great too for any Apple users who want to try Android without having to spend any money.

So that about wraps up this post on Android Virtualization so if you use BlueStacks leave a comment below and let me know how you liked it. Don’t forget to share this with your people’s on social and subscribe to our newsletter to get more of the lowdown.


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